How well are doctors’ offices providing a quality Patient Experience?

“Patient Experience” refers to everything that happens to a patient. This can begin with a phone call to the doctor’s office. It also includes the whole time a patient is at the doctor’s office and any follow-up contact following the appointment. Click on any of the below categories to learn more about areas that interest you.

Access to Care

Doctor-Patient Communication

Communication between patients and their doctors makes a big difference in health care. It can affect how patients feel about their doctors, such as whether their doctors seem well informed and caring. Communication can also affect care. For example, patients need to understand health information well enough to follow directions. To see results of local practices, click on one of the links below:

Courteous and Helpful Office Staff

Staff in the doctor's office can make a big difference in the quality of a patient's experience. Staff includes those who answer the phone, greet patients as they arrive, make appointments, call with test results and discuss insurance or billing questions. Staff may also be the ones to weigh and measure patients, as well as take other vital signs such as temperature, pulse or blood pressure. To see results of local practices, click on the links below:

Patients’ Rating of the Doctor

Studies show that people often ask for advice when looking for a new doctor for themselves or a family member. To see results of local practices, click on the links below:

Community Checkup

Check out the latest ratings to see how well local doctors’ offices and hospitals are partnering with patients!

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