Are you participating
in the Community Checkup?

Measuring care is the first step to quality improvement. You can only improve if you know where you are starting from. The Community Checkup allows you to assess your practice’s effectiveness and determine ways to enhance patients’ care. It also helps patients understand the role they must play.

To help our community take control of chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes, we work together with South Central Preferred and the Pennsylvania Health Care Quality Alliance to collect data relating to these conditions. More than half of the primary care practices and all four hospitals in York and Adams counties voluntarily participate. Once the information is collected from the practices and hospitals, it is posted online at our Community Checkup.

This is an online tool that practices, hospitals and patients can use to determine whether individually, and as a community, we have good control of indicators relating to diabetes and heart disease. Some of the indicators included on the site for primary care practices include, but are not limited to:

  • Percentage of patients prescribed a daily aspirin or aspirin alternative
  • Percentage of patients having their body mass index checked
  • Blood pressure
  • Blood sugar levels
  • LDL cholesterol levels

In addition, visitors are able to compare past years’ collection’s results, as well as the national and community averages.

Are you participating in the Community Checkup? Help educate your staff and patients about what the right care includes. Contact us to determine how you can become involved for the next round of data.

To learn how the information is collected, review the Community Checkup’s Frequently Asked Questions.


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