AF4Q-SCPA Shares Key Reminders from National Meeting

From May 8-10, 10 health care leaders from south central Pennsylvania attended Aligning Forces for Quality's national meeting in Chicago. Attendees were spurred to action by keynote speakers including Jim Ziolkowski, founder, president and CEO of build On and author of "Walk in Their Shoes: A Memoir About Changing the World" and Jerry Porras, lane professor of organizational behavior and change emeritus at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business and co-author of international best seller,"Build to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies" with Jim Collins.

"As we enter the fourth and final phase of funding, we are challenged to preserve what we've created. We need to keep to our core values and purpose, but reach for a future vision with new, big, hairy and audacious goals," said Chris Amy, project director of Aligning Forces for Quality – South Central PA (AF4Q-SCPA), referencing a quote from Porras' book.

Among the key reminders noted by AF4Q-SCPA attendees, a few additional calls to action and thoughts included:

  • "The power to motivate people through stories and narratives cannot be underestimated."
  • "Stay true to your mission, bring a lot of passion and stick to your core competencies."
  • "Whether building a school or transforming healthcare, all stakeholders need to be part of the effort. For healthcare, this includes the patients."
  • "To make an impact, we need to focus on outcomes and stories. Now is the time!"

Looking to the years ahead, the AF4Q-SCPA team is passionate about staying true to its mission and maintaining a strong organizational culture.

"There is no silver bullet in health care transformation, but AF4Q-SCPA is excited to continue serving as the catalyst for change throughout the region," said Chris.

The organization and its leaders look forward to continuing to share the powerful stories and narratives of those they serve and will engage all stakeholders, including patients, in plans for the future.

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