In Case You Haven’t Heard…There’s a New Website Just for You.

AF4Q – South Central PA is excited to announce our new tool to help you, physicians, employers and patients improve their health! Regardless of your role - patient, health care provider, employer, community organization or insurer, this website should be bookmarked. 

The launch of our new website ( is part of our 2012 effort to provide more up-to-date resources (videos, downloadable tip sheets, events, etc.) and easy-to-understand information for all audiences within the health care system.

With a goal to make information user-friendly and easy to access, we personalized it for each audience’s needs. For example, if you’re a health care provider, you can enter the site through the “I’m a Health Care Provider” section and learn what initiatives will help your practice be more efficient and improve morale. You can even download handouts for your patients, and see how your practice or hospital is providing care in comparison to others through the Community Checkup.

If you’re an employer, we've provided ready-to-use tools and ideas that can easily be implemented. Informing your employees of these resources might improve their health and your profitability.

In addition, if you have a health related event that you’d like to share, or want to know when the next AF4Q event is, simply visit the What’s Happening section of the site. You can also share stories about the AF4Q initiatives that you’ve participated in!

Be engaged with your patients and employees; be engaged with your own health; be part of improving health care. Visit

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