How Partners in Family Health Turned Proactive

Have you visited the Community Checkup lately? On our new website, the Community Checkup still offers the ability to determine how well patients and providers are working together to improve care. It continues to be a great resource to learn about the accomplishments we’re making as a community, and the areas we still need to push forward.

Partners in Family Health is one of the many primary care practices participating in the Community Checkup. Adelle Kurtz, M.D. of Partners in Family Health indicated the Community Checkup, along with the other initiatives AF4Q offers allows providers to see the trends in how well everyone’s doing.

“It’s a little healthy competition too,” she added.

Dr. Kurtz explained that the Community Checkup and Planned Care Collaborative together have helped change the practice from being reactive to proactive. “As a practice, we were under the assumption our patients were getting good diabetic care, but we discovered through the Community Checkup and Planned Care Collaborative, our patients weren’t getting as good of care as we thought.”

Through the Collaborative, Partners in Family Health, and the other participating practices, review their data, and exchange ideas on how to make improvements. “It’s really made a positive impact on our practice. By looking at the data together, we’re able to see how other practices are doing. When we see that another practice is doing a little better at something like the blood pressure tests for diabetes, we can discuss what they’re doing and determine if it’s something we can try to implement at our practice,” stated Dr. Kurtz.

By looking at quality improvement measures, the staff at Partners in Family Health has developed internal processes to be proactive, and get patients preventative care. “The Checkup helps push us towards preventing complications, and get more engagement from patients,” stated Sharon Simpson, Clinical Coordinator for Partners in Family Health.

Simpson continued, “The Community Checkup is a service to help our community stay healthy. Practices should participate in the public reporting because it’s an opportunity to get started now and grow with it. Eventually, everyone will have to participate in public reporting, but by doing it now, it may be easier to make that transition.”

“It allows for more comprehensive care, and assists in keeping things from falling through the cracks,” added Dr. Kurtz.

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