What’s in Store for 2012?

As we gear up for holiday extravaganzas, we wanted to make sure you have an idea of what’s to come when you return in 2012! AF4Q – South Central PA has had a very successful year, and is looking forward to another year full of accomplishments. Here are just a few of the things you can expect…

More Resources, More Information and Easier Access to Quality Data
We are revamping our website (www.aligning4healthpa.org) to make it more personal, user-friendly, and applicable to all of you. You will enter the site based on your role(s) in health care–whether you’re an employer, patient, health care provider or community organization. Each section of the site will provide resources and information specific to each of the audiences listed. Not only will you have access to downloadable documents for your patients, to share with your doctor, or to give to your employees, but you’ll also be able to watch videos, and submit health-related events for the community. And, of course we’ll have the Community Checkup, allowing users to access quality data from over half of the primary care practices in York and Adams counties. We can’t wait to share with you all of the resources and benefits of this new site. Look for its launch in January 2012.

Planned Care Collaborative Makes It to Round 3
Since 2010, 14 local primary care and specialty care practices have succeeded in improving quality care through their participation in the Planned Care Collaborative. Within a collaborative environment, practices will continue to share techniques to eliminate waste and improve patient care. The third round of the Planned Care Collaborative will begin in May 2012.

Patient Partner Program Continues
In the October edition of Quality 4orum, we introduced the Patient Partner Program, which brings together patients and providers to work on improving self-management techniques, teach how patients think and view providers’ communication, and help patients learn how to become a partner within their care. The practices involved nominate a patient with diabetes, or a caregiver for someone who is diabetic, to join the team. Together, the team works with business and health coaches to achieve the goals they establish at the start of the program.

We are excited to continue this program in 2012; therefore, if you’re interested in becoming a patient partner, or you’re with a practice that wants to get involved, contact Kathy Hutcheson via email (tecfabinc2@aol.com) or by calling 717-309-4671.
I Can! Challengers Aren’t Stopping
The I Can! Challengei s entering its third year of changing lives and improving the overall health of residents from York and Adams counties. This year, over 65 people from York and Adams counties participated in the classroom Challenges.
Recently, a current I Can! Challenge participant, Mary Overlander shared a few of her successes with us. “I just got my winter clothes out since I’m the kind of person that changes my clothing with the seasons. And, the clothes were loose on me when I put them on! I was so surprised and happy! Another reason I’m pleased with the Challenge is that my doctor took me off three of my medicines! He said I was healthy enough not to need them.”
We encourage you to use Mary’s story and share with your patients, friends and family members the opportunities to join the 2012 Challenges. Starting again in January 2012, AF4Q will offer classroom Challenges in York and Gettysburg. For more details and dates, call 1-866-997-ICAN (4226).
If you’re interested in facilitating a 2012 classroom Challenge, please contact Chris Amy at (717) 801-4823.

Join the I Can! Challenge

Have diabetes or heart disease? Join the 12-week, step-by-step program to help you learn how to set goals, partner with your doctor, and incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your life. Like I Can! on Facebook!