What’s the Status of our Round 2 I Can! Challengers?

The second round of the I Can! Challenge is coming to an end in August. So, we touched base with the current Challengers at their half-way point to learn what they really think about the Challenge. It appears that it’s still making an impact on our Gettysburg and York residents!

“I was struggling with my diabetes, and saw a flyer for the I Can! Challenge. I’m participating in the second round of the Challenge, and it’s really a whole different way of thinking. I’m realizing that portion control is very important. I’m more positive about myself, and I can beat this diabetes. I understand how to exercise and control my eating,”- Valerie Petty

“The I Can! Challenge offers support, good health tips, and brings doctors into the meetings! The doctors educate us on our health and medications. The classes are really beneficial.” –Leanna Boring

“I found out about the Challenge through my doctor, and I’m so glad I did. The Challenge is different than other programs. It focuses more on your overall health and lifestyle instead of just a diet. And, there’s nothing you can’t eat – it’s just about portion control. I’ve already recommended that my friend sign up for the fall classroom Challenge.” – Debby Taylor

“I would recommend the I Can! Challenge. This programcovers many different topics and it is free if you attend a minimum of 10 out of the 12 sessions! I believe it’s a great way to gain knowledge, so that changes can begin.  Each person that attends needs to acknowledge that they have the power to create change.  One issue at a time...one change at a time.” –Deb Olphin

There’s still one more Challenge to go for 2011! Kicking off in September, your patients, friends or employees can still become an I Can! Challenger! Classes are scheduled from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. each week, starting with the introductory session on September 13 (Gettysburg) and September 15 (York). The Challenge has changed the lifestyles and thinking of many individuals.  Interested participants can call 1-866-997-ICAN for details.

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