Cut Health Care Costs – You Can!

The first round of the 2011 I Can! Challenge is at its halfway point, and the response from participants has been overwhelmingly positive. Old habits are being broken, new habits are being formed, and lives are being changed.

Individuals with chronic health conditions can affect the bottom line of businesses, insurers and health care providers through lowered productivity, higher premiums, and increased medical costs. But there’s an easy step you can take to help reduce these effects of chronic conditions: encourage your employees and patients to attend the next I Can! Challenge in York or Gettysburg. 

Education is often the first step to improvement, and the I Can! Challenge’s 12-week program is the perfect tool to educate individuals with diabetes and heart disease.

Participants are encouraged to take control of their chronic disease by talking with their health care team, becoming more knowledgeable about it, and making positive changes to their daily lives.

Dee Ballard, who is attending the I Can! Challenge at the York location, said she’s gained the confidence that was missing in her past attempts to become healthier. “Since I’ve started the I Can! Challenge, I’m feeling a lot more optimistic that this time, it’s going to work,” she said. “It’s given me the motivation I needed, plus it’s making me be responsible for my health again.”

“The I Can! Challenge is different from any other program I’ve tried. It encompasses exercise, eating out, and lots of tips for improving my health; I love it!” said Gettysburg participant Marion Schneider.

Encourage your employees and patients to sign up now for one of three upcoming I Can! Challenges. Classes begin the week of May 3, with day and evening sessions taking place in York and evening sessions in Gettysburg. By offering your support, lives can be changed. 

Interested participants can call 1-866-997-ICAN (4226) to sign up! A minimal fee will be charged to participate in the classroom challenge. The money will be returned if the individual successfully completes the 12-week program.

Contact Joyce Ortiz at to receive I Can! posters and postcards to place in your office.

Join the I Can! Challenge

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