Offering Companies Specific Means to Improve the Health of Employees

In 2005, cardiovascular disease cost Pennsylvania an estimated $15.7 billion including health care and productivity. In 2007, diabetes accounted for 15 million work days absent in the United States. These numbers affect each and every employer – whether they’re a large corporation, nonprofit organization, or small business. Employees’ health, and their families’ health can ultimately affect a business’s bottom line.
“Employees that have a chronic health condition, and aren’t taking their medications or visiting their doctor, or just not practicing a good healthy lifestyle, can often times increase the absenteeism. If people are not being smart, are not educated about their medical condition, or just aren’t taking good care of themselves, these things can really affect, and do affect our business,” stated Bill Scott, Vice President of Human Resources for The Graham Group.
Poor health relates to sick days, absenteeism, productivity at work, and simply, the overall cost associated with the business. The costs are especially high for persons with chronic conditions, like heart disease or diabetes. Therefore, employers need to become engaged just as much as the patient and provider.
Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) – South Central PA is a resource that employers can and should be using to push their employees forward with their health. To help businesses connect with their employees, AF4Q – South Central PA has offered companies specific means to improve the health of their employees.
“I think for our business AF4Q has brought us additional information, some new tools and guidance that we can provide to our employees. As we continue to offer employee wellness initiatives, this is just another community resource that we can draw upon or direct our employees to,” said Scott.

  “By being involved with AF4Q – South Central PA, employers can direct their employees to resources and tools, such as the Community Checkup and I Can! Challenge. With resources like these, they can find a doctor’s office that provides the best care possible for them, learn what type of tests and checkups they need to stay healthy, or participate in a 12-week program that teaches how to set goals, eat healthy, and fit physical activity into their schedule . AF4Q – South Central PA is an outlet employers can turn to at any point for guidance,” Chris Amy, Project Director of Aligning Forces for Quality – South Central PA stated.  

“While there are other opportunities for employee health and wellness you can draw upon, Aligning Forces for Quality has really proven over the past several years to be inextricably linked within the grassroots part of our community, utilizing the expertise and resources from our community health systems. It’s not something new; it’s something that really is established that several of the local employers have already taken advantage of and I would encourage others to take a look at,” said Scott.

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