New Data Now Available on Adams & York Counties’ Doctors & Hospitals

(York, Pa.) – More than 34,700 adults in Adams and York counties are diagnosed with diabetes. Yet patients with diabetes receive only 45 percent of their recommended care – less than half of the safe, effective care they need. In correlation with American Diabetes Month, Aligning Forces for Quality South Central Pennsylvania (AF4Q - South Central PA) is encouraging people with diabetes to educate themselves about the quality of care they’re receiving. By visiting residents of Adams and York counties can find information through the Community Checkup to manage their health and ensure they are receiving high-quality diabetes care.


Released on November 1, the Community Checkup shows how well local doctors’ offices are providing diabetes care, and how well patients are participating in their care. It also provides a variety of ratings for local hospitals. More than 50 local health care practices with 169 providers and four hospitals provided treatment information about their patients. If a doctor within a participating practice didn’t report information, that is indicated on the Web site.


It is important for people with diabetes to understand the differences between good care and bad care, so they can demand appropriate treatment and make informed choices. By using the Community Checkup , people living with diabetes can find a doctor’s office that provides the best care possible for them, including recommended tests and checkups to keep patients healthy.


The results show whether the practices and patients have good control of the patients’ blood sugar level (A1C), blood pressure levels, and LDL cholesterol levels. The data also shows the percentage of patients who had these levels checked, as well as what percentage of patients had their body mass index checked during the past year. In addition, visitors are able to compare the 2010 results to last year’s, as well as the national and community averages.


Previously, AF4Q - South Central PA didn’t report information about the hospitals. However, in an effort to continue to improve the quality of care throughout the community, AF4Q - South Central PA partnered with the Pennsylvania Health Care Quality Alliance to release results for Gettysburg, York, Memorial, and HanoverHospitals. Visitors can look at each hospital individually, or do a comparison among the four. The data focuses on the care of patients with various conditions, such as, but not limited to, diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and pneumonia.


AF4Q-South Central PA’s Project Director Christine Amy states, “Often, patients aren’t sure what they can do to improve their chronic condition. Therefore, the overall goal of releasing the diabetes data is to educate patients and help them see what they can be doing to improve their health. One of the first steps a patient can take to improve his or her diabetes is to strengthen their relationship with their doctor – whether it’s at the doctor’s office or the hospital. Having access to this data helps the patient and health care team work together to keep diabetes under control; thereby reducing the risk of diabetes complications such as blindness, amputations, or heart attack. The Web site is a place to go for support, information and guidance.”


The information has been designed to benefit everyone from the patient and doctor, to employers and health plans. Doctors can learn from each other, and do a comparison against other practices. Employers should share the information with employees and use it to ensure their benefits cover the needs of their employees, and encourage healthy behaviors.


Aligning Forces for Quality – South Central PA is part of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Aligning Forces for Quality initiative, a program in 17 communities across the country designed to lift the overall quality of health care. The initiative aims to publicly report on the quality of local care and help patients become more engaged in the quality of care they can demand and receive.


Visit the Community Checkup at .


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